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What impact can the breach of PHI have on patients/consumers?

Data breaches, be it credit card or medical information, have become commonplace. With so much personal information now available electronically, the protection of private information has become an important issue for health administrators.You are a hospital administrator, charged with overseeing your hospital’s HIPAA compliance. Due to increased rates of data breaches around the country and a recent decision made by the Connecticut Supreme Court, Bryne v. Avery Center, your supervisor has asked you to prepare a presentation for the hospital board of directors and other stakeholders that will serve as a conversation starter regarding this issue. Emily Bryne v. Avery Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.C. (SC 19873) Retrieved from https://jud.ct.gov/external/supapp/Cases/AROcr/CR327/327CR110.pdfYou have been asked to address the following items in a PowerPoint presentation: 

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