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What does “passing as a color/race that you are not” have to do with inclusion?

Chapter FivePart one:        1.  What does “passing as a color/race that you are not” have to do with inclusion?2.  An identity that comes from a negative identity can be like a backpack with bricks attached to someone’s back. What workplace opportunities can be lost for the person who belongs to a group with a negative identity and they can not leave the negative identity as discussed in the text.3.  On page 87, it talks about recognizing and considering racism and rejecting racism and developing a positive White identity—which of those do you believe works best for a diverse organization? Why?4.  Define race, ethnicity and national identity.5.  Explain how someone’s race and national identity in the United States could be in conflict.6.  Explain the ASA Model and how it works against diversity.Part two:        We often do not hear about discrimination that was targeted toward ethnic White groups like Germans and Italians during wartime and the Irish when they migrated here. Please read “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!” on pages 91-92. After reading this explain whether or not it was possible for the Irish to leave their negative identity and if yes, how. Explain how the Irish could melt into the pot and how having to this goes against inclusion.Part three:      Read “Phantom Diversity” and then read the following Common Diversity Mistakes  {  https://trainingassetsgateway.com/blog/view/Five-Common-Diversity-Mistakes }now answer in a paragraph how the phantom diversity solution fits three of these mistakes. Explain each one separately.

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