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Impacts of robotics on Genetics

Write a 15-20-page research/ Critical analysis paper that explores Robotics in HealthCare. and critically examine the issue and give your feedback on the findings. As above, a note about paper form: 1) Include a cover sheet that does not go toward the page count and includes name, the paper title, and the date. 2) Use APA style for all citations (if in-text citation is used, please explain how the quote relates to what you are saying or try to breakdown the meaning of why the quote or paraphrased is used).. also Please include the page numbers of where the quote was pulled from 3) Use reasonable fonts (~11-12 points), page margins (1 inch margins), and double line spacing. Also, there needs to be a minimum of 10 sources peer reviewed or scholarly articles. Enclosed you will find the outline to help guide you along the way !

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