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How long the person has been a manager at the current company and what their managerial level is.

Details: For this assignment, you will write a reflection onwhat you learned about management in the course. As part of theassignment, you will conduct an interview with a manager of a localbusiness to get a first-hand perspective on the challenges ofmanagement and the techniques others have found successful foreffective leadership, motivation, and communication. Select amanager of a local business to interview and contact the person toset up an appointment. You may conduct your interview in person orvia phone. Prepare a list of five to seven questions for yourinterview. Your questions should focus on how the manager executesthe four functions of management functions as well as thechallenges related to motivating and communicating with employeesand clients in the business environment. In particular, try todiscover how the demands of technology-mediated communication, suchas communicating via social media channels, impact manager-employeerelationships. Remember that managers have many commitments so tryto schedule your interview well in advance of the assignment’s duedate. You should present the attached consent letter to the personyou intend to interview. After you complete the interview, write a1,000-1,250-word reflection on what you learned in the interviewand this course. Address the following in your response:1.What are the most valuable things you learned about the fourfunctions of management, in a practical sense, as well asmotivation and communication techniques?2.Identify some of the significant challenges you believe youmight face as a manager.3.Discuss your own personal strengths and weaknesses as amanager. What do you think you need to work on to improve your owncapabilities?4.How might you apply what you learned in your interview andthis course to be a more effective manager?In an appendix at the end of the essay, provide an interviewsummary that includes the following information:1. The name of the person you interviewed and number of yearsthe person has been a manager.2. The name of the company at which the person is currentlyemployed.3.How long the person has been a manager at the current companyand what their managerial level is.4. Date of the interview and whether it took place in person orvia phone or other type of medium.5.Contact information for the person you interviewed.6.The list of your interview questions and responsesprovided.7.Signed consent letter.Cite two academic references in your essay. Academic referencesinclude the textbook, the additional readings in the course, or anyarticle. You may use information found online but onlineencyclopedias (e.g., Wikipedia) and blogs do not count as academicreferences. Cite sources too.

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