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(Get Answer) – Written assignment of an article | IDS2625 | Florida State University

(Get Answer) – Written assignment of an article | IDS2625 | Florida State University The individual written assignments will be relatively short assignments (between 500 and 750 words).  The assignments  will  be  addressed  to  teach  participants  to  convey  concepts  from  cognitive  psychology, neuroscience, and related fields to a broad audience; that is, convey very technical information and making it accessible  to  readers  with  limited  background  in  the  research  area  that  is  being  discussed,  while  also representing the scientific content in a precise and responsible way.A group of neuroscience, biopsychology, and related articles (available in the “Files” section of the Canvas website for the course) will be posted for using in these assignments. Chose the respective article for each assignment; after reading the article, your work is to elaborate a brief description of the article for a general audience, specifically, an audience with reduced knowledge about neuroscience, biopsychology or related fields. The description should cover some background on the field of research selected, information about the scientific methods that are used, and a discussion of the principal research findings and implications. As a general rule, it should be avoided the use of scientific jargon and other terms that might confuse a general audience. Moreover, it should be avoided to misrepresent or overstate the findings of the article; also, the writing style should be interesting for a general audience.  The written assignment should be between 500 and  750 words.Each written assignment should be divided in four sections with the next subtitles: – Introduction or background, Methods or Methodology, Results or Findings,  Conclusions or Implications.I will upload the article and also a sample of a written assignment so you have a clear idea how it has to be done. 

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