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(Get Answer) – Week 4 – data management project: data dictionary

(Get Answer) – Week 4 – data management project: data dictionary  A data dictionary for all tables defined in data model is required for final project. This week, you will create a data dictionary for two entities from week 3 submission of data model. A data dictionary defines information for data model and database design.Please identify the following components for each of the two entities:Attribute nameAttribute data typeAttribute descriptionAttribute valuesHere are two different sample templates to define your data dictionary.  You can choose either sample template.  Submit your assignment in MS Word format via the assignment link.  Resources: These resources can be found in MindTap in the Week 4 Discussion Board module.Textbook: Module 8 – Advanced SQLVideo: Module 8 – CREATE TABLE Basics (6:24 min.)PowerPoint: Module 8 Review charts

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