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(Get Answer) – The Vegetable Garden

(Get Answer) – The Vegetable Garden The Vegetable GardenPaper instructions:To prepare:Solve the following mathematical task in as many ways as you can. Consider other approaches students might use to solve it. Identify misconceptions that you would anticipate as students work on this task. Make note of any challenges you experience as you solve the task.The Vegetable GardenThe students in Mr. Landon’s class are designing and planting a vegetable garden as a community service project. They have 32 feet of fencing that has been donated to the class for this project. They have decided to use the fencing to make a rectangular garden.If the students want as much space as possible to plant the vegetables, how long will each of the sides of the garden need to be?The class receives additional fencing from a second donor. They now have 64 feet of fencing in total—double the amount of the original fencing. Determine thelargest rectangle possible to allow for the maximum space to plant the vegetables. How does the area of this new garden compare to the original desigORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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