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(Get Answer) – The Global Economy: Can international institutions fight poverty Custom Essay

(Get Answer) – The Global Economy: Can international institutions fight poverty Custom Essay Which theoretical lens that we have studied in this class is the most appropriate for your analysis, and why? Explain the outlines of the theory and the expectations it suggests for your policy issue/topic.� Explain the policy issue, in light of your chosen theory. What questions or concerns are raised, and what solutions might be suggested? Why is this a useful approach to the topic?� Briefly, what might an alternative lens suggest that would be different, and why is the lens you have chosen the better one?(Theoretical lens discussed in class were Liberalism, Realism, Constructivism, Economic Structuralism)Essay must present and develop an ARGUMENT that is: Expressed in a clearly articulated thesis statement. Well-reasoned. Well-supported by fully cited source material (i.e. not based on your personal premises).Course materials and Scholarly journal articles peer reviewed ,International institutions reports, government reports, New York Times, books, and book chapters on the topic are suitable source materials for this paper. (The recommended number of sources to consult is five or more.)Essay will be evaluated on the following criteria, equally weighted: How thoroughly you answer the central analytic question (s) How effectively you employ the concepts and theories of IR in your argument. How effectively you use relevant source materials to illustrate and elaborate your points. How clearly and creatively you express your argument on the whole (NB. good writing matters.)The essay length is 5 pages, 1.5 spaced, 12-point font, normal margins. Do not exceed five pages (excluding bibliography). Include page numbers.Always keep in mind: Using anyone else�s words or ideas requires citing that work. Failure to properly cite other people�s words or ideas constitutes plagiarism and is a very serious academic offence.

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