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(Get Answer) – The Eden project

(Get Answer) – The Eden project The Eden project1. Coherently analyse the relationship between structure, culture, people and organisational performance.2. Identify the essential nature of managerial work (in terms of both functions and processes), communicate the role of leadership and furthermore, explain the variables that determine effective management and leadership• Structure and write a 2000 word essay that documents their analysis and understanding of a relevant case study.• Through doing so, demonstrate their knowledge of key principles and key concepts of organisational structure, and leadership therein.Task 1:Produce a briefing paper addressing the following:Analyse the organisational structure and culture of the Eden Project and contrast it to other forms of organisation.(800 words)Task 2:Write an essay (1200 words in total) answering the following questions:Critically evaluate the effectiveness of Tim Smit’s leadership style with reference to the Blake and McCanse leadership grid and the extent to which he displays inspirational leadership.—Referencing Requirements:In the main body of your submission you must give credit to authors on whose research your work is based. Append to your submission a reference list that indicates the books, articles, etc. that you have read or quoted in order to complete this assignment (e.g. for books: surname of author and initials, year of publication, title of book, edition, publisher: place of publication).ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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