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(Get Answer) – Team sector brief – due 3/13 at 1500est

(Get Answer) – Team sector brief – due 3/13 at 1500est     See attached for background on group project. Five pages with references.– Key Cybersecurity Technology, Issues and Threats and Technologies Avistel employs Ø Access Controls Ø EncryptionØ BackupØ DoS Attack Prevention– Review the effectiveness of the cybersecurity technologies/policies employed by that industry sector Nature of competition (competitive, highly competitive, cooperative, oligarchy, regulated monopoly). Identify, discuss, and analyze a recent news story regarding the industry that serves to illuminate the issues. -Team strategy for the simulation for the team (develop a simulation strategy based on group background details)-Discuss the derivation of the strategy from sector, national, and international cybersecurity technology and policy status and considerations. 

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