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(Get Answer) – Smc geog 5 term paper #2

(Get Answer) – Smc geog 5 term paper #2  BS”DHello folks, Please see attached. Note, you need to read through the attached PDF as a final exam preparation….but we have not yet covered all of this material yet as part of the intriguing ancient climate section of the course… The second and final paper of the semester is based on the following attachments. Please thoroughly read the attached material. You can organize your paper in whatever way you would like but please be sure to address all of the points/questions, based on the attached articles. If you just look up this information online, without thoroughly reading the attachments, you will not meet the requirement of this assignment. After reading the attached PDF research papers please address the following. Feel free to use any information we covered in class as well. As an important side note,  (in addition to lecture) so it’s a good study resource.  Per the attachments – What information is presented and why is it significant? What’s the argument within the field of geology and are both perspectives being equally portrayed in the education system? Why or why not?What is uniformitarianism? Give evidence, if any, for the support of this view. What is catastrophism? Give evidence, if any, for the support of this view. Can both really be true? What are the implications of this question and why does it matter? Has there been any suppression in the public-policy or scientific community regarding any one of these views and why might this be so?  Please include specific examples from the attached articles in your paper as well as any outside information you would like to add (acceptable but not necessary).This paper should be at least 2 pages typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, regular margins as a Microsoft Word document. PLEASE EMAIL YOUR PAPER TO ME RATHER THAN TURNING IN. PLEASE NOTE in the SUBJECT write “SMC GEOG TERM PAPER #2″ EMAIL ONLY TO [email protected].Thanks and have a great day and a nice week!Prof. Neyman 

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