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(Get Answer) – Reseach paper | Article writing homework help

(Get Answer) – Reseach paper | Article writing homework help Original work MLA format, Must be at least 1500 word count.Topic ” Effects Social Media have on people”Discuss documented, argumentative  research paper.   (Minimum words:   1500).   You will write an argumentative, documented research paper on a current, controversial topic using the classical pattern of argument and MLA format.   You must have at least five sources for your paper, MLA heading and page numbers, in text citations, and works cited page. Two of your sources must come from the Cannon Memorial Library. * I picked 2 articles from school library that needs to be in paper with work cite.You also need to pick 3 articles of same topic and incorporate in paper, with work cite.All together there should be 5 work cite articles.

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