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(Get Answer) – Project selection and initiation case study?

(Get Answer) – Project selection and initiation case study? The goal of Case Study One is to apply project management skills acquired in the first three modules to a real-world project or situation. At a minimum, you should evaluate the following:Project Selection Criteria and PrioritizationWeighted and unweighted modelsRanking and prioritization of project proposalsProject Initiation and PlanningEvaluate initiation and planning processesProject/organizational structureProject Scope and Schedule DevelopmentCreation of the work breakdown structureMake sure you apply concepts or theories and scholarly resources to support your case study evaluation. The analysis of the case should include an evaluation of the selection criteria, a ranking of proposals, a project initiation approval, and the steps required to create a work breakdown structure and project schedule development. The analysis should be a minimum of 750 words and should include at least two references.

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