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(Get Answer) – Project management ch 11 – managing project team

(Get Answer) – Project management ch 11 – managing project teamManaging Project TeamYour Results:The  answer for each question is indicated by a  . 1    Which of the following is commonly associated with high-performing project teams?    A)Risk taking is controlled and not allowed to jeopardize the overall project    B)Roles and specific responsibilities are well-defined    C)A degree of competition among team members is encouraged    D)Mistakes are viewed as opportunities for learning    E)Team members are selected with similar talents to enhance cohesion     2    During which stage of team development do close relationships develop and the group demonstrates cohesiveness?    A)Norming    B)Storming    C)Performing    D)Adjourning    E)Forming     3    During which stage of team development is high performance not a top priority and attention is devoted to wrapping up the project?    A)Norming    B)Storming    C)Performing    D)Adjourning    E)Forming     4    Tom is managing a project team responsible for building a new office building that started this week. He notices that team members are trying out different behaviors to see what is acceptable to the project and personal relations. Which stage of development is the team in?    A)Norming    B)Storming    C)Performing    D)Adjourning    E)Forming     5    Experience and research indicate that high-performance project teams are much more likely to develop under all the following conditions EXCEPT    A)Members are assigned to the project full time    B)Members report solely to the project manager    C)There are 10 or fewer members per team    D)Team members are selected by their managers    E)The project involves a compelling objective     6    Project managers play a key role in developing high-performance project teams. Which of the following is NOT a contributing factor to this role?    A)Conduct project meetings    B)Recruit team members    C)Manage a reward system    D)Manage conflict    E)Report progress to top management     7    There are two important factors that affect the recruitment of project members. Which of the following is one of those factors?    A)The budget available    B)The size of the project    C)The management structure being used to complete the project    D)The level of innovation and technical expertise needed    E)Organizational culture     8    The first project meeting is critical to the early functioning of the project team. Which of the following is NOT true regarding this meeting?    A)An overview of the project’s scope and objectives should be addressed    B)Interpersonal interaction concerns should be addressed    C)The project manager must model how the team will work together    D)The meeting will need to be as long as necessary to cover the main objectives of a first meeting    E)The meeting should be productive, well–organized and realistic.     9    The project manager must quickly establish operational ground rules for how the team will work together. These include planning, tracking, managing change, and relationship decisions. Which of the following is an example of a planning decision?    A)What departments will the team need to interact with during the project?    B)What are the specific roles and responsibilities of all the participants?    C)Who will generate and distribute reports?    D)How will changes be documented and evaluated?    E)How will progress be assessed?     10    Establishing a team identity is facilitated by    A)Team members working in a common space    B)Creation of a project team name    C)Effective use of meetings    D)Team rituals    E)All of these are facilitators of establishing a team identity     11    Individual rewards for outstanding work would NOT include:    A)Letters of commendation    B)Public recognition    C)Desirable job assignments    D)Judiciously making exceptions to the rules    E)All of these are examples of individual rewards for outstanding work     12    The first step in facilitating group decision making is to    A)Call a meeting to discuss the problem    B)Identify the problem    C)Agree that there is a problem    D)Quantify the problem    E)Generate alternatives     13    Which of the following would be an appropriate situation to require facilitating group decision making?    A)A mechanical engineer is stuck trying to meet performance criteria for a prototype    B)When strong group commitment is needed to decide methods to reduce project scope    C)Expectations are unclear regarding a specific task    D)Materials needed to finish a custom kitchen have not been determined    E)Dysfunctional conflict between two project team members needs to be resolved     14    During the delivery phase of a project’s life cycle, the most significant source of conflict is    A)Schedules    B)Priorities    C)Technical    D)Procedures    E)Costs     15    When a project manager reduces the intensity of the conflict by smoothing over differences or interjecting humor when dysfunctional conflict arises, they are attempting to _________ the conflict.    A)Eliminate the conflict    B)Control the conflict    C)Mediate the conflict    D)Arbitrate the conflict    E)Encourage the conflict         

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