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(Get Answer) – practicum – week 4 journal entry

(Get Answer) – practicum – week 4 journal entry  Assignment: Practicum – Week 4 Journal EntryLearning ObjectivesStudents will:· Develop diagnoses for clients receiving psychotherapy*· Evaluate the efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy for clients*· Analyze legal and ethical implications of counseling clients with psychiatric disorders*Select a client whom you observed or counseled this week. Then, address the following in your Practicum Journal:· Describe the client (without violating HIPAA regulations) and identify any pertinent history or medical information, including prescribed medications.· Using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders, 5th edition (DSM-5), explain and justify your diagnosis for this client.· Explain whether cognitive behavioral therapy would be effective with this client. Include expected outcomes based on this therapeutic approach. Support your approach with evidence-based literature.· Explain any legal and/or ethical implications related to counseling this client.· NOTE: PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED Practicum Journal Template AND JOURNAL SAMPLE (TIME LOG & JOURNAL ENTRIES) FOR WRITING THIS ASSIGNMENT…..ALSO FOR THE TIME LOG AND JOURNAL ENTRIES, JUST MAKE UP A REASONABLE INFORMATION AND CLIENT INFORMATION

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