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(Get Answer) – MK201 Week 7 Quiz Questions

(Get Answer) – MK201 Week 7 Quiz QuestionsMK201 Chapters 16-17-18 Week 7 Quiz QuestionsTotal points: 6Directions: Select the best response for each. Please postyour selections in the Blackboard response section numbered 1-30 with responseto each corresponding question.Due: Sunday at midnight for each week of this course.Scenario 16.1Use the following to answer the questions.When introducing a new vehicle targeted tothe under-30 population, Toyota used several different methods ofcommunication. First, it did research in several large cities to find out whothe opinion leaders were in that age group. By visiting the local nightlife,one or two people in each city were selected and given a new vehicle to drivefor two weeks. They were told to share information about this new vehicle with theirfriends. After a few weeks, then a television campaign was launched withcommercials introducing the new vehicle. Toyota also placed ads in magazinesthat were targeted to the under-30 age group, and used drive-by billboards inthe large cities near the nightclub areas.1. Referto Scenario 16.1. Toyota’s act of giving the opinion leaders a new vehicle fortwo weeks is best described as an example ofa.advertising.b.personal selling.c.sales promotion.d.buzz marketing.e.push marketing.2. Referto Scenario 16.1. Suppose Toyota also offered the dealership salespeople a tripto Hawaii for anyone who could sell ten of the new vehicles within the firstmonth they were available? This tactic would be an example of ____ marketing,while the TV commercials described above would be an example of ____ marketing.a.pull; pushb.personal selling; pushc.pull; sales promotiond.push; pulle.personal selling; sales promotion3. Referto Scenario 16.1. Suppose that Toyota has decided to contract with the producerof the next James Bond 007 movie to use one of its new vehicles in a chasescene. This would best be an example ofa.sales promotion.b.word-of-mouth promotion.c.product placement.d.viral marketing.e.publicity.4.Refer to Scenario 16.1. Which of the followingis not an integrated communications tactic used by Toyota?a.word-of-mouth communicationb.advertisingc.publicityd.personal sellinge.sales promotionScenario 16.2Use the following to answer the questions.The manufacturers of Whizz, a new laundrydetergent, are developing their promotional plan for the first year. They knowthey want to use an integrated communications strategy and are considering theuse of advertising through TV and magazines, coupons, public relations, salespromotion, and viral marketing. They are not sure when to use each of thesemethods however, and have asked for your advice.5. Referto Scenario 16.2. Since Whizz is a new product, which of the followingpromotional methods would you least recommend?a.magazine ads.b.viral marketing.c.television commercials.d.a price-reduction sales promotion.e.public relations.6. Referto Scenario 16.2. If the manufacturers of Whizz were to partner with Whirlpoolto place a bottle of Whizz in each new washer that is purchased during thefirst year, this would be an example ofa.advertising.b.sales promotion.c.viral marketing.d.packaging.e.publicity-based public relations.Scenario 17.1Use the following to answer the questions.The Toyota Corporation is developing itspromotional plan for the coming year and is considering several types ofadvertising to communicate its messages. Toyota will likely advertise its newvehicle, the Venza, on TV and in major national magazines. It is possible thatthe ads could focus on the features of the Venza and its most likelycompetitor, the Ford Edge. Other forms of advertising that can be consideredare ads that feature all of the Toyota brands in a single ad, while mentioningonly the Toyota brand and its company’s strengths. Finally, Toyota willprobably continue to advertise updates of its cash cow brands, the Camry andthe hybrid versions of its SUVs.7. Referto Scenario 17.1. Toyota’s television advertisements for the new Venza areexamples ofa.publicity.b.institutional advertising.c.product advertising.d.comparative advertising.e.pioneer advertising.8. Referto Scenario 17.1. If the ads include both the Venza and the Ford Edge, they wouldbe examples ofa.institutional advertising.b.public relations.c.product advertising.d.comparative advertising.e.competitive advertising.9. Referto Scenario 17.1. Advertisements such as the one proposed above for the Camryand hybrid SUVs, are most likely an example ofa.product advertising.b.comparative advertising.c.competitive advertising.d.institutional advertising.e.reminder advertising.10. Referto Scenario 17.1. The advertising mentioned above in which Toyota features allbrands of the company would be an example ofa.competitive advertising.b.institutional advertising.c.comparative advertising.d.pioneer advertising.e.product advertising.Scenario 17.2Use the following to answer the questions.The State Farm Group includes severalcompanies. Probably the most well-known company in the group is the State FarmInsurance company, the largest auto and home insurer in the United States.State Farm Insurance provides protection for approximately 78 million policieson auto, fire, life, and health services. It is also a leading insurer of homesand autos in Canada. Another company in the State Farm group is the State FarmBank, which was opened in 2000, beginning State Farm’s entry into the financialservices field. However, the State Farm Bank is not a traditional bank, in thatit has no branch offices and its services are provided through State Farmagents, a call center, the mail, and on the internet. It currently serves over1.9 million bank accounts.11. Referto Scenario 17.2. In 2008, Cal Ripken, Jr. and State Farm teamed up to promoteState Farm’s national teen driver safety program. The marketing division atState Farm produced a one-page document that described the partnership, whichwas then published in several national newspapers and on the internet. Thedocument from State Farm is an example of ____, while the publication in thenewspapers is an example of ____.a.public relations; publicityb.public relations; a news releasec.publicity; advocacy advertisingd.a news release; publicitye.publicity; a news release12. Referto Scenario 17.2. When deciding on its advertising allocation for the comingyear, State Farm Insurance could choose to spend the same amount as Safe Auto,another auto insurance company. This method of advertising appropriation isknown as the ____ approach.a.competition-matchingb.arbitraryc.objective-and-taskd.goalse.percent-of-sales13. Referto Scenario 17.2. If State Farm were to decide that its previous method ofappropriating the advertising budget was ineffective, it could decide toallocate 2 percent of its total annual sales to advertising. However, oneproblem with this method is thata.it makes the bookkeeping too difficult.b.it is tied too closely to salesforecasts.c.a sales decline leads to an increase inthe advertising appropriation.d.a drop in sales would cause a drop inthe advertising budget.e.competitors may have differentadvertising objectives.14.Refer to Scenario 17.2. If State Farm Bankdecided that it wanted to increase its number of bank customers by 10% in thecoming year, it would most likely use the ____ approach to advertisingallocation.a.arbitraryb.competition-matchingc.objective-and-taskd.percent-of-salese.percent-of-customerScenario 18.1Use the following to answer the questions.Jafrum, Inc. is a wholesale supplier ofmotorcycle accessories, clothing, and tools to various motorcycle retail storesaround the country. Jafrum does not manufacture these items, but sellsthem to other retailers and also sells its merchandise through its website.Sean Thompson is one of the salespeople for Jafrum, and is responsible forobtaining new customers, increasing sales to current customers, and visitingthe retail stores throughout the country. Recently, he has been given the salesobjective from Jafrum’s management to increase sales dollars by 15% in thecoming year by adding new customers. Sean’s current compensation is based on a$1,000 per month draw, plus 5% of all sales over $100,000. His salary last yeartotaled $42,000. Management has given Sean the choice of going to acompensation plan where he will earn 15% of all sales, but no draw.15. Referto Scenario 18.1. Sean is developing his list of potential new retail customersby accessing the yellow pages online. Here he finds the contact information forevery motorcycle store in the 48 contiguous states, and eliminates those whocurrently are his customers. Sean is involved in which step of the personalselling process?a.Prospecting and evaluatingb.Preapproachc.Overcoming objectionsd.Closinge.Following up16. Referto Scenario 18.1. Sean selects several motorcycle stores who are not currentlyhis customers. He then obtains and analyzes information about the currentbrands of motorcycle accessories they stock, their sales trends, and credithistory. Sean is engaged in which of the following?a.prospecting.b.the preapproach.c.approaching the customer.d.making the presentation.e.overcoming objections.17.Refer to Scenario 18.1. Sean has narrowed hislist and is preparing a packet of information about Jafrum and its products tosend to the prospects. He also includes a letter of introduction and says hewill contact them within the next two weeks to set up a sales visit. In thisscenario, Sean is all of the following excepta.a trade salesperson.b.a field order taker.c.a missionary salesperson.d.an order getter.e.a new business salesperson.18. Referto Scenario 18.1. Currently, Sean’s compensation is based on the ____ plan,however he is considering changing to the ____ plan.a.straight salary; salary plus commissionb.straight commission; straight salaryc.salary plus commission; straightcommissiond.salary plus bonus; straight bonuse.straight bonus; straight commissionScenario 18.2Use the following to answer the questions.The Presto Company manufactures severaltypes of household appliances, including blenders, waffle makers, and home deepfryers. Presto sells its products to retail stores such as Kohl’s, Macy’s, andJ.C. Penney’s, through its own salesforce. Kerry Wilson is one of Presto’ssalespeople, and is responsible for stores headquartered in Region 1 of theU.S. Kerry has just come from a monthly meeting where she has been informedabout the new stovetop grill that will be part of next season’s lineup.Presto’s marketing department has developed a promotional plan for the newgrill and outlined that plan for the sales staff in the meeting. Thepromotional plan for the next 60 days will include television commercials whichdemonstrate the new grill, in-store rebates, and a customer contest for thebest grilled sandwich recipe. In addition, Kerry and other members of thesalesforce will be given a free grill for their own home use so they can becomemore familiar with the product. Presto is also offering a free trip to New YorkCity for their staff salesperson who has the highest dollar in sales to his orher stores. To encourage the retail stores to push this product, Presto willoffer the retail store a $5 discount for each grill that the store purchasesafter the 60-day promotion is over.19. Referto Scenario 18.2. Kerry and the other salesforce members are bestdescribed as a ____ sales force.a.technicalb.missionaryc.traded.fielde.pioneer20.Refer to Scenario 19.2. Presto appears to beusing ____ to educate its sales force.a.formal sales trainingb.on-the-job trainingc.negative motivationd.territorial meetingse.recruiting training21. Referto Scenario 19.2. Which of the following are consumer sales promotion methodsthat Presto is using for the new stovetop grill?a.television commercials and the customercontestb.television commercials and the in-storerebatec.the customer contest and the in-storerebated.the sales force contest and the in-storerebatee.the sales force contest and the customercontest22. Referto Scenario 19.2. Presto’s use of a free trip to New York is an example of____, while the $5 discount to its retail stores is an example of ____.a.a trade allowance; a buy-back allowanceb.a buying allowance; a dealer loaderc.a dealer loader; a buy-back allowanced.a sales contest; a buy-back allowancee.a sales contest; a buying allowanceMULTIPLE CHOICE23. Thecoordination of promotion and other marketing efforts for maximum informationaland persuasive impact definesa.communication.b.integrated marketing communications.c.tactile communication.d.kinesic communication.e.proxemic communication.24. Chrissees a television commercial for Arby’s promoting its roast beef sandwiches at5 for $5.95. Later that day he goes to the nearest Arby’s for a roast beeffeast, but is told that the special offer is not available at that location.Arby’s seems to lacka.communication.b.promotional efforts.c.integrated marketing communications.d.channel capacity.e.coordinated awareness.25.Effective management of integrated marketingcommunications is based upona.consumer attitudes towards promotion.b.information about customers.c.the communication process model.d.budgetary allowances.e.the firm’s organizational structure.26. IfFedEx-Kinko’s decided to outsource allof its marketing efforts to theMaxPro Company, which specializes in advertising, sales promotion activities,and public relations, FedEx-Kinko’s would likely be striving to practicea.one-stop shopping.b.more expertise.c.pioneer promotional efforts.d.competitive promotional programming.e.integrated marketing communications.27. Advertising that encourages customers to sendin reply cards for additional information aids salespeople in achieving whichgoal of personal selling?a.Convincing prospects to buyb.Finding prospectsc.Keeping customers satisfiedd.Making the presentatione.Following up the sale28. Carlosgenerally makes cold calls on businesses to look for new prospects. He has manysatisfied customers, but like many salespeople, he does not frequently utilizeone of the best ways to find new prospects, which is througha.telephone directories.b.customer referrals.c.trade shows.d.local restaurants.e.other employees.29. Aftercompiling a list of potential customers, a salesperson musta.evaluate whether each prospect is able,willing, and authorized to buy the product.b.determine whether or not each prospectis really in his target market.c.find and analyze information about eachprospect’s specific needs and current brand choices.d.develop a presentation for each of thepotential customers on his list.e.contact each of the prospects to get aninitial feel for how likely they are to purchase his products.30.Tim has just finished compiling a list ofpotential customers and evaluating their ability, willingness, and authority tobuy. He knows his next step in the personal selling process is toa.approach.b.preapproach.c.make the presentation.d.prospect.e.overcome objections.

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