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(Get Answer) – MK201 Chapters 10,11 – Week 4 Quiz Questions

(Get Answer) – MK201 Chapters 10,11 – Week 4 Quiz QuestionsMK201 Chapters 10,11 – Week 4 Quiz QuestionsTotal points: 4Directions: Select the best response for each. Please postyour selections in the Blackboard response section numbered 1-30 with responseto each corresponding question.Due: Sunday at midnight for each week of this course.Scenario 10.1Use the following to answer the questions.Gillette shaving razors were firstmanufactured in 1895. Over the years, Gillette made improvements on theirrazors offering many “firsts” such as the Mach3, the Sensor, and theFusion. For many years, women were forced to use razors designed primarily formen, but often marketed to women by offering them in different colors and withminimal modifications. In 1998 Gillette developed the Venus razor, based on theMach3 but made specifically for women. Gillette promoted the Venus razorheavily, with television ads and other forms of media. The Gillette productline, now owned by Procter & Gamble, continues to introduce new versions ofthe Venus, such as the Venus Embrace, which has additional blades and othermodifications.1. Referto Scenario 10.1. Shaving razors fall into which of the followingclassification of consumer products?a.Convenience productsb.Shopping productsc.Substitute productsd.Specialty productse.Accessory equipment2. Referto Scenario 10.1. When Gillette developed the Venus razor in 1998, in whichstage of the product life cycle was the Venus?a.Introductionb.Growthc.Profitd.Maturitye.Decline3. Referto Scenario 10.1. Molly has been using a Bic disposable razor for her shavingneeds for the last ten years. She doesn’t really see the need to spend moremoney on razors, but she sees that it is becoming more difficult to find theBic, and so she is considering the Venus Embrace. Molly is definitely not a(n)____ in the product adopter categories, and is more likely to be ____.a.innovator; an early adopterb.early adopter; an innovatorc.early majority; an early adopterd.innovator; an early majoritye.innovator; a late majority4.Refer to Scenario 10.1. Tasha is shopping forpersonal care items at her local Target. She walks by one aisle and sees afloor-standing display for the new Venus Embrace. She hadn’t thought aboutbuying a new razor, but the display has caught her attention. Which stage ofthe product adoption process is Tasha most likely in at the presenttime?a.awarenessb.attentionc.evaluationd.triale.adoptionScenario 10.2Use the following to answer the questions.Megabus is a new line operating in theNortheast and Midwestern United States, plus in Canada. It offers travelers acheap alternative to driving and flying between large cities, keeping the faresextremely low yet offering the latest technology. Unlike the traditionalGreyhound Lines, Megabus is an express service, and is equipped with Wi-Fi,video screens, headsets, and seat belts. Many buses also run on biodiesel fuel.Additionally, Megabus picks up and drops off people in the centers of citiesrather than at inconveniently-located terminals. Patrons can book tickets atMegabus.com, where some fares begin at just $1. Routes are limited, and areoffered out of cities such as Toronto, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, andChicago. Recently, its competitor Greyhound, has launched two new bus lines,BoltBus and NeOn, with similar fares and high-tech amenities. A fare on NeOnbus from Buffalo, NY to New York City is $50.00 roundtrip, while the same farethrough Greyhound’s traditional bus line costs $92.00. The benefit ofGreyhound’s traditional line is that there are more departure times and morestops in smaller towns along the way.5. Referto Scenario 10.2. What product(s) is Megabus marketing?a.Megabus is a service and therefore isnot marketing a product.b.The ride between cities is a serviceproduct and is the only one Megabus is marketing.c.The ride between the cities, which isthe core product, plus the supplemental features of Wi-Fi, video screens, andother technology.d.The ride between cities, which is aconvenience product.e.The ride between cities, which is ashopping product.6. Referto Scenario 10.2. When Greyhound launched the BoltBus and NeOn bus lines, thisis an example ofa.a branding extension.b.co-branding.c.an extension in the width of the productmix.d.an extension in the depth of the productmix.e.family branding.7. Referto Scenario 10.2. Casey is searching the website of Megabus.com for theschedule and fares of a trip between Buffalo, NY and New York City. Case ismost likely in which of the following stages of the product adoption process?a.adoptionb.trialc.evaluationd.intereste.awareness8. Referto Scenario 10.2. Megabus is most likely in which of the followingstages of the product life cycle?a.Introductionb.Growthc.Maturityd.Declinee.RejectionScenario 11.1Use the following to answer the questions.Cheetos Fat-free Crunchies is a productdeveloped through advanced technology. Cheetos engineered a technique for makingreduced-fat snacks that taste cheesier and stay fresh longer. Cheetosintroduced Fat-free Crunchies in limited markets in 2008 and began nationaldistribution in 2009.About 18 months later, a series ofcompetitors’ ads was run to counter claims that Cheetos Crunchies actuallycontained 1.5 grams of fat, and that they contained preservatives andadditives. Research showed that the taste of Cheetos Crunchies was alsoperceived negatively by some people. To save the product, Cheetos reduced theremaining fat to 0 grams, took out the preservatives, and improved the taste.9. Referto Scenario 11.1. Improving the taste of Cheetos Crunchies was a(n) ____modification.a.qualityb.sensoryc.functionald.benefite.aesthetic10. Referto Scenario 11.1. Cheetos produces several cheese snack products and isconsidering a new Cheetos brand of crackers. This new Cheetos brand of crackerswould most likely be an example ofa.a product modification.b.a line extension.c.a quality modification.d.a functional extension.e.an aesthetic modification.11. Referto Scenario 11.1. In 2008, Cheetos was in which phase of new-productdevelopment?a.Idea screeningb.Product developmentc.Test marketingd.Business analysise.Idea generation12. Referto Scenario 11.1. Suppose that Cheetos stops production of Cheetos Fat-freeCrunchies and sells all of its remaining inventory to a warehouse club. Thiswould be an example of a(n)a.strategy for the maturity phase.b.phase out product deletion strategy.c.immediate-drop decision.d.pullout product deletion policy.e.return to test marketing.Scenario 11.2Use the following to answer the questions.Jonathan Moore, president of PolarManufacturing Company, has just reviewed the performance reports for theprevious year and sees that there are some areas in which the company needs toimprove. He specifically feels they could do a better job in managing Polar’sproduct mix. Jonathan calls a meeting of all the managers responsible for eachof the product lines that Polar currently manufactures. The group decides thatthey need to eliminate the complete industrial product line of ice chests, andplan to do so by letting the product decline without any changes in themarketing strategy or product. The group also decides to delete Polar’s line ofpersonal thermal underwear, however this product is to be discontinued withinthe week due to its unprofitability. While discussing these strategies, thegroup has also uncovered several customer groups for which new products couldbe developed. The managers decide to assemble a group of people from allfunctional areas of the company and give them the responsibility for allaspects of the new-product development.13. Referto Scenario 11.2. The decision to delete the industrial product line of icechests is an example of deleting a product through a(n) ____, while thedecision to drop the thermal underwear line is an example of a(n) ____.a.run-out; phase outb.phase-out; immediate dropc.immediate drop; run-outd.immediate drop; phase-oute.phase-out; run-out14. Referto Scenario 11.2. Polar management is currently in which stage of new productdevelopment?a.idea generationb.screeningc.concept testingd.product developmente.test marketing15. Referto Scenario 11.2. The group of people that management has assembled to take onthe task of new-product development is best described asa.a buying center.b.a product development task force.c.a marketing development team.d.a venture team.e.a brand management team16. Referto Scenario 11.2. Because some products are not doing well, Jonathan Moorethinks that the company should set up a procedure to evaluate each product sothat management will know when and how a product should be discontinued. He issuggesting aa.product-drop decision.b.discontinuance procedure.c.performance review.d.closing system.e.systematic review.TRUE/FALSE17. Aproduct need not be a physical product.18.Aservice is intangible and is the result of the application of human ormechanical efforts to people or objects.19. Supportingservices, such as installation and guarantees, are part of a product.20. Thecore product element of the total product can include installation, delivery,training, and financing.21. Useof the product is the most important means of distinguishing consumer productsfrom business products.22. Thetwo major product categories are business and institutional.23. Breadis usually a convenience product.24. Many of the so-called new products that arelaunched each year are in fact line extensions.25. Lineextensions are less common than other new products because line extensions aremore expensive and more risky.26. Qualitymodifications never seek to reduce product quality.27. Qualitymodification of an existing product aims at changing the product’s safety,convenience, or versatility.28. Servicesare highly perishable and cannot be inventoried for future use.29. Client-based relationships are interactionsthat result in satisfied customers who repeatedly use a service over time.30. Thegoal of building client-based relationships is to satisfy customers so wellthat they become very loyal and would be unlikely to switch to competitors.138.

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