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(Get Answer) – Marketing Quiiz Chapter 3:Gathering Information and Scanning theEnvironmentGENERAL CONCEPT QUESTIONSMultiple Choice1. The majorresponsibility for identifying significant marketplace changes falls to the________.a. U.S. Department of Laborb. company’s marketersc. American MarketingAssociationd. industry lobbygroups found in Washington, D.C.e. marketing researchindustry2. Marketers have extensiveinformation about how consumptionpatterns vary across countries. On a per capita basis within Western Europe, the ________ smokethe most cigarettes.a. Swissb. Greeksc. Irishd. Austrianse. French3. All of the followingquestions EXCEPT ________, would be considered to be forms of information needsprobes.a. What decisions doyou regularly make?b. What information doyou need to make decisions?c. What data analysisprograms would you want?d. What magazines andtrade reports would you like to see on a regular basis?e. What products wouldbe most closely matched to consumerneeds?4. ________consists of people, equipment, and procedures to gather, sort, analyze,evaluate, and distribute needed, timely, and accurate information to marketingdecision makers.a. A marketinginformation systemb. A marketingresearch systemc. A marketingintelligence systemd. A promotionalcampaigne. A marketing database5. The company’s marketing information system should be across between what managers think they need, what managers really need, and________.a. whatthe marketing research department is able to dob. whatconsumers are willing to sharec. whatthe competition is doingd. whatis acceptable industry practicee. whatis economically feasible6. Marketing managers rely oninternal reports. By analyzing this information, they can spot ________.a. micro-marketsb. opportunities and problemsc. macro-marketsd. competitivestrategiese. consumer demographicunits7. The heart ofthe internal records system is the ________.a. databaseb. asset acquisition processc. order-to-payment cycled. service consideratione. information liquidity ratio8. When a marketer “mines” his or her company’sdatabase, fresh insights can be gained into neglected customer segments,________, and other useful information.a. recent customer trendsb. long-term competitivetrendsc. possible new inventionsd. possible new technologiese. new primary data possibilities9. Theinternal records system supplies resultsdata, but the marketing intelligencesystem supplies ________ data.a. concurrentb. secondaryc. researchd. happeningse. premium10. A ________ is a set ofprocedures and sources managers use to obtain everyday information aboutdevelopments in the marketing environment.a. marketingresearch systemb. marketinginformation systemc. productmanagement systemd. marketingintelligence systeme. verticalsystem11. A company can takeseveral steps to improve the quality of its marketing intelligence. Ifthe company purchases competitive products for study, attends open housesand trade shows, and reads competitors’published reports and stockholder information, the companyis using ________ to improve thequality of its marketing intelligence.a. sales forcesurrogatesb. intermediariesc. external networksd. advisory panelse. customer feedbacksystems12. All of the following would be considered to be steps to improvethe quality of marketing intelligence in a companyEXCEPT ________.a. a company can train and motivatethe sales force to spot and report new developmentsb. a company can use guerrilla tactics such as goingthrough a competitor’s trashc. a company can motivateintermediaries to pass along importantinformationd. a company can network externallye. a company can purchase information from outsidesuppliers13. The 2000 U.S. census provides an in-depthlook at the population swings, demographicgroups, regional migrations, andchanging family structure of 281+ million people. Which of the following steps to improvethe quality of company marketingintelligence system would be mostclosely associated the above illustration?a. A company can purchase information from outsidesuppliers.b. A company can take advantage of government data sources.c. A company can use online customer feedback systems tocollect data.d. A company can network externally.e. A company can use its sales force to collect and reportdata.14. There are four main ways that marketers can find relevant onlineinformation on competitors’ productsand weaknesses, and summary comments and overall performance rating of aproduct, service, or supplier. ________ is(are) a type of site that isconcentrated in financial services and high-tech products that requireprofessional knowledge.a. Independentcustomer goods and service reviewsb. Distributoror sales agent feedback sitesc. Combo-sitesoffering customer reviews and expert opinionsd. Customer complaint sitese. Shopping botservice sites15. A ________ is “unpredictable,short-lived, and without social, economic, and political significance.”a. fadb. fashionc. trendd. megatrende. style16. A ________ is a direction or sequence ofevents that has some momentum anddurability; the shape of the future is revealed and many opportunities areprovided.a. fadb. fashionc. trendd. megatrende. style17. ________ have been described as “large social,economic, political and technological changes [that] are slow to form, and oncein place, they influence us for some time—between seven and ten years, orlonger.a. Fadsb. Fashionsc. Trendsd. Megatrendse. Styles18. Which of the followingminority groups in the United Stateshas been associated with one of the ten megatrends shaping the consumerlandscape?a. African Americansb. Asian Americansc. European Americansd. Hispanic Americanse. Middle Eastern Americans19. The beginning of the new century brought aseries of new challenges. All of the following would be considered to be among those challenges EXCEPT ________.a. a deterioration of innovative ideasb. steep decline of the stock marketc. increasing unemploymentd. corporate scandalse. the rise of terrorism20. With the rapidly changing global picture, thefirm must monitor six major forces.All of the following would be amongthose forces EXCEPT ________. a. demographicb. economicc. social-culturald. naturale. promotional21. The main demographic force that marketers monitor is(are) ________. a. suppliersb. competitorsc. communication(such as advertising)d. government reports dealing with birth ratese. population22. The population explosion hasbeen a source of major concern. Unchecked population growth and consumption could eventually result in all of thefollowing EXCEPT ________.a. insufficient food supplyb. depletion of key mineralsc. overcrowdingd. restrictions on competitione. pollution23. One impact of explosive population growth is illustratedby the case of China.The Chinese government passedregulations limiting families to one child. One consequence of theseregulations is that ________.a. the children are so fussed over and spoiledthat they become “little emperors”b. school enrollmentsare droppingc. the fledgling automotive business in China will not have customers in afew yearsd. open rebellion isbeing preachede. “child-orientedbusinesses” have few customers24. A significantfact about population growth and population shifts is that in 2004 or 2005,________.a. the youthmarket will exceed that of the adult marketb. people overthe age of 60 will outnumber those under five years of agec. baby boomerswill be eclipsed by Gen X youngadultsd. most age group segments will be about equale. Gen Y youngadults will surpass the baby boomers as the largest age segment25. Which of thefollowing age groups is thought tocontrol three-quarters of the country’s wealth?a. 0–20 agesegmentb. 60+ agesegmentc. 20–30 agesegmentd. 30–40 agesegmente. 40+ agesegment26. At one timethe United States was calleda “melting pot” society because of the number of different cultures that wereintegrated into the U.S.culture. Today, the United States is described as a ________ societybecause many ethnic groups aremaintaining their ethnic differences, neighborhoods, and cultures.a. “boiling pot”b. “salad bowl”c. “banana split”d. “doubled up”e. “non-communicative”27. According to the 2000 census,the U.S. population of 276.2 million was 72 percent white and ________ percentAfrican American. The remainder consisted of Hispanic Americans and otherminorities.a. 20b. 18c. 15d. 13e. 1128. Diversity goes beyond ethnicand racial markets. More than ________ million Americans have disabilities, andthey constitute a market for home delivery companies(and others).a. 50b. 40c. 30d. 20e. 1029. Which of thefollowing countries is known for having 99 percent of its population literate?a. Englandb. Germanyc. Franced. United Statese. Japan30. The ________ householdconsists of a husband, wife, and children (and sometimes grandparents).a. “traditional”b. “extended”c. “diversity”d. “modern”e. “revised”31. Married couple households—thedominant cohort since the formulation of the United States—has slipped from nearly 80 percent in the 1950s to around ________percent today.a. 70b. 60c. 50d. 40e. 3532. Thetwenty-first century saw ________ markets grow morerapidly again due to a higher birth rate, a lower death rate, and rapid growthfrom foreign immigration.a. suburbanb. urbanc. rurald. coastale. secondary33. The movement by population to the ________ has lessenedthe demand for warm clothing and home heating equipment and increased demandfor air conditioning.a. Grainbeltb. Pacific Northwestc. Sunbeltd. Mid-Coastal arease. Heartland34. Marketerslook at where consumers are gathering. Almostone in ________ people over the age of five (120 million) moved at least one time between 1995 and 2000,according to a Census 2000 brief.a. twob. threec. fourd. fivee. ten35. In which ofthe following economies would we expect to find few opportunities formarketers?a. Industrializingeconomies.b. Land-lockedeconomies.c. Raw-material-exportingeconomies.d. Industrialeconomies.e. Subsistenceeconomies.36. According to information presented in the text, which of thefollowing countries is surprisingly a very good market for Lamborghini automobiles (costing morethan $150,000) because of the number of wealthy families that can affordexpensive cars.a. Greeceb. Switzerlandc. Hollandd. Russiae. Portugal37. Over the past three decadesin the United States, the rich have grown richer and the middle class has________.a. stayed aboutthe sameb. shrunkc. increasedslightlyd. matched therich in terms of relative growthe. been ignoredbecause of problems with the poorer classes38. ________shapes the beliefs, values, and norms that largely define the tastes andpreferences.a. Marketingb. The massmediac. Governmentd. Productioninnovation and engineeringe. Society39. If a consumer lives thelifestyle of a “pleasure seeker” or goes on a “self-realization” quest, he orshe is expressing what is called ________.a. views ofothersb. views ofsocietyc. views ofthemselvesd. views oforganizationse. views of theuniverse40. According to the informationfound in the social-cultural environment,with respect to views of others,________ are considered to be things that allow people who are alone to feelthey are not (e.g., television, home video games, and chat rooms on theInternet).a. socialsurrogatesb. subliminalfantasiesc. relationship avoidanced. primary productse. secondary products41. Today, corporations need tomake sure that they are good corporate citizens and that their consumermessages are honest. Such a view would be consistent with which of thefollowing views?a. Views ofothers.b. Views oforganizations.c. Views ofthemselves.d. Views of theuniverse.e. Views ofsociety.42. People vary in theirattitudes toward their society. ________ usually live morefrugally, drive smaller cars, and wear simplerclothing.a. Makersb. Escapersc. Seekersd. Changerse. Developers43. People vary in theirattitudes toward society and react accordingly. ________ are a major market formovies, music, surfing, and camping.a. Makersb. Preserversc. Escapersd. Changerse. Developers44. All of thefollowing have been cited by the text as being amongAmericans’ core values EXCEPT ________.a. they believein workb. they believein getting marriedc. they believein giving to charityd. they believein being honeste. they believein sexual permissiveness45. Which of thefollowing would be the best illustration of a secondary belief or value?a. Belief inwork.b. Belief ingiving to charity.c. Belief ingetting married.d. Belief ingetting married early.e. Belief inbeing honest.46. Which of the following is by far the mostpopular American leisure activity in that it is preferred by 59 percent ofadults who participate in such activities?a. Gardening.b. Walking forexercise.c. Swimming.d. Photography.e. Jogging orrunning.47. Each societycontains ________, groups withshared values emerging from their special life experiences or circumstances.a. demographic segmentsb. cliquesc. consumer bundlesd. subculturese. behavioral niches48. Which of thefollowing would be the best illustration of a subculture?a. A softballteam.b. A universityalumni association.c. Teenagers.d. A Boy Scouttroop.e. Frequentflyers.49. All of the following EXCEPT ________ have been found to influenceyoung people today and cause a shift of secondary cores values for this group.a. U2’s Bono.b. Elvis Presley.c. The NBA’s LeBron James.d. Golf’s Tiger Woods.e. Skateboarder Tony Hawk.50. Although core values are fairlypersistent, cultural swings do take place. ________ caused such a swing in the1960s.a. Ford Motor Companyb. George McGovernc. G.I. Joe actioncharactersd. The infomerciale. The Beatles51. Marketers need to be aware of threats and opportunities associatedwith four trends in the natural environment.All of the following are among thosetrends EXCEPT ________.a. the shortage of raw materialsb. the increasedcost of energyc. near 90 percent corporate support for“green causes”d. increased pollution levelse. the changingrole of governments52.With respect to theshortage of raw materials, air and water are classified as ________ resources.However, as we know, problems are beginning to plague both our air and waterquality.a. infiniteb. near finitec. finite renewabled. finite nonrenewablee. absolute53.One finite nonrenewableresource, ________, has created serious problems for the world economy. Because of anticipated shortages,investment and commodity markets havehad wild swings.a. waterb. airc. sugard. coffeee. oil54. From a branding perspective, “green marketing” programs have notbeen entirely successful. ________ has been cited as one of the obstacles thatmust be overcome for “green marketing” programs to be moresuccessful.a. Overexposure and lack of credibilityb. High costc. Poor promotionsd. Resistance by the youth segment in themarketplacee. Lack of support by governmental agencies and concerns55. Which of the following countries is noted for their “green movement” and support within its government for environmentalquality enhancement?a. Mexicob. Chinac. Germanyd. Englande. Italy56. The marketershould monitor the following trendsin technology, EXCEPT ________, if progress is to be made in business.a. thepace of changeb. thedifficulties found in sharing informationc. theopportunities for innovationd. varyingR&D budgetse. increasedregulation57. According to some industry analysts and inventors, ________ will eventuallyeclipse the PC as our most importanttechnological device.a. iPodb. HDTVc. holographictelevisiond. the mobile phonee. solar-poweredcar58. All of the following will mostlikely be among the advantages for asociety that embraces telecommuting as an employment/communicationalternative EXCEPT ________.a. reductionof auto pollutionb. bringingthe family closer togetherc. increasedbonuses and compensation perksd. creatingmore home-centered shoppinge. entertainment centered on the home environment59. ________ legislation has asits purposes to protect companiesfrom unfair competition, to protectconsumers from unfair business practices, and to protect the interests ofsociety from unbridled business behavior.a. Businessb. Consumerc. Bi-partisand. Activiste. Global60. An importantforce affecting business is the ________—a movementof citizens and government organizedto strengthen the rights and powers of buyers in relation to sellers.a. lobbyist movementb. consumerist movementc. environmentalmovementd. self-rights movemente. ethical r

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