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(Get Answer) – Mar 216 full course

(Get Answer) – Mar 216 full course Unit 1target Market AnalysisAssignment:Write a 1-3 page paper that analyzes the target market for your chosen market plan. Requirements:· This 1-3 page paper should analyze who your target market is. Describe the applicable demographic, geographic and lifestyle (attitude, interests, opinions) of your target. Use no fewer than 12 distinguishing factors. Really get into the minds of who your target market is. What makes them tick? What are their needs and wants? Really analyze them. Use marketing terms as much as possible. See the target market checklist and the target market paper example in Unit 1 Chapter 5 assignment section. Do not write from first person such as our company…, we will…, etc.Unit 2Environment AnalysisAssignment: Write a 1-3 page paper that analyzes the product attributes of your chosen productRequirements: Write a 1-3 page paper on the environment that your product or service (the one you chose for your marketing plan) is affected by. This paper will become part of your final marketing plan. Make sure to discuss the economic, social, cultural, technological, political, legal, competitive, global, natural resources, etc. environmental influences on your product/service. Make certain to discuss how the present uncontrollable environmental situation affects the viability of your product/service. For example: has the political situation in Iraq had an affect on the possibility of your product or service being a success? How is the present economic situation affecting the spending habits of your target market? Etc. Discuss how the current environment is at this moment in time – not how your product or service is going to change it or affect it. You are trying to view the uncontrollable environment as it is and determine whether or not there is a market for your product/service after you have analyzed the current market situation.Unit 3Unit 3 Research Analysis, save referebcesInstructionsAssignment:Write a 3 page paper that analyzes the promotional attributes of your chosen productRequirements:· Write a 1-3 page paper on the research techniques (both primary and secondary) that you “conducted” for your product or service to gather information for your marketing plan. You can “make-up” the primary data you use as long as you asterick the data* and footnote that the astericked* data is made-up. Secondary data should be factual. Did the research prove the product/service is viable? Which research tools will be ongoing? Remember that you need not actually conduct the primary research. Because of the short time period available for this class, you may actually make-up the information. You may “make-up” results from surveys, etc. and discuss the “results”. If you choose to make this data up, you still must create the survey (or other instrument) for review. Make sure you work with “final data” and make recommendations from that. Do not state that research will be conducted in the future. It must be assumed the research is complete and you hold the results in your hands.Unit 4Unit 4 Product AnalysisInstructions Assignment: Write a 1-3 page paper that analyzes the pricing and global attributes of your chosen productRequirments:This 1-3 page paper should be analyzing your product. What attributes does your product need in order to meet the needs of the target market? What type of packaging will be used? Consider your target market and what they really expect and create your product/service with this person in mind. Be detailed about how the attributes of the product meet the needs of the target. Use marketing terms. Do not write in first person – our product, we will, etcUnit 5.desire2learn.com/d2l/le/content/784750/viewContent/8988954/View”>Market PlanAssignment:Create your final marketing plan for your product (should be a combination of the first four assignments) along with the additional sections required in Unit 5.Requirements:Include a cover page and a reference page with properly cited sourcesInclude the elements of a marketing plan:IntroductionTarget market analysisEnvironment analysisResearch analysis4 P’s: Product, Place, Price, PromotionForecast/budgetConclusionAppendices including bibliography

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