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(Get Answer) – Managerial Economics Managerial EconomicsThe assigment quetions: The economics of energy1. Compare the economics of Shale oil exploitation with nuclear energy, solar (photovoltaic) and wind generated energy.2. What is average world energy production in Watts/day in 2013 if we assume 1 Liter of crude oil contains about 10 KWh? What is average UAE energy production in Watts/day in 2013?3. 2. Make an excel model of Economic costs and Economic profits for Shale Oil exploitation, including transportation to China, Bejing CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) and Opportunity cost4. Shale Oil – Extend your model to include Marginal cost for producing shale Oil, including construction, operation and decommission costs after the lifespan of the plant.5. Assume the plant is bank financed model interest rates and own capital and don’t forget construction time.Include in your model an energy cost forecast for UAE 2014 until 2020, use sources provided to forecast oil prices and compare with the other energy sources. Make for the alternative energy sources what-if scenarios.ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!! 

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