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(Get Answer) – Management vs union | Management homework help

(Get Answer) – Management vs union | Management homework help  Be sure to cite your sources as part of your response. Due tomorrow 9/5/2016.  The problem: The construction employees would like a second pair of boots for the summer.  Management already paid new boots 6 months ago, winter boots that were insulated and heavy for the cold weather that cost $140.  The employees are asking for $200 summer boots that will be thinner.  Management is thinking to lower the cost of summer boots to $140.  Employees feels they will not get a good enough quality of boots under that price range. The employees would also like new boots every year.  Management does not understand how anyone could go through a boots that fast.  Assignment: Research the topic and use the to begin crafting the language in the agreement to favor their position. Use the attached to help frame your response represent the management side. This will serve as the starting point for your negotiations.  Please write a few paragraphs of negotiations that the management will consider in regards to comprise, also items that management will not negotiate, and legal and safety concerns. Helpful Webistehttp://www.hawaii.edu/uhwo/clear/home/CB-FAQ.htmlhttp://smallbusiness.chron.com/basic-elements-employment-contract-15518.html 

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