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(Get Answer) – Management planning worksheet | Operations Management homework help

(Get Answer) – Management planning worksheet | Operations Management homework help   PLEASE CHECK THE FILE ATTACHED “APPLE ASSIGNMENT DETAILS FIRST”AS IT CONTAINS THE DETAILSALSO YOU CAN USE THE PAPERS ATTACHED  (PLEASE REWRITE THEM AND TAKE THE PORTION YOU NEED, DONT MAKE IT AS A VERY DESCRIPTIVE PAPER)WORK SHOULD BE PERFECT , PRECISE AND PLAGIARISM FREEInstructions Choose a large company, such as Amazon, Apple, Disney, or Home Depot, or a company with which you are familiar to assess the planning function of management. Identify      the mission and vision statements of the company.   Mission  Vision  Describe      in a total of 175 words the strategic, tactical, and operational plans      employed by the company. Determine which types of managers create each      type of plan.  Type   of PlanDescriptionType   of Manager                 Evaluate      in a total of 350 words the company’s success in executing the three core      processes of business: people, strategy, and operations.  People Strategy Operations  Perform      an environment scan, or SWOT analysis, of your chosen company. Evaluate in      a total of 350 words the current direction of the company against your      analysis.   SWOT AnalysisCompany Name:_________________________ Internal   Factors (Inside Matters)       Strengths       Weaknesses External   Factors (Outside Matters)       Opportunities

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