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(Get Answer) – LD Instructional LD Instructional1. How can the 8 stages of learning strategy instruction be used as a template for effective instruction in general?See the file “SIM Overview” and “test taking” read the second may will help you.2. Why should all special education teachers know how to give effective corrective feedback and which features should be included in a corrective feedback session?See file name “session 5” I highlight that by yellow color.3. What are the barriers to generalization and how can generalization be facilitated?See file name “self question” I highlight that by yellow color.4. Why is modeling sometimes considered to be the “heart” of strategy instruction and how can you do it effectively?See file name “proficiency in sentence writing” I highlight that by yellow color.5. How does strategic instruction differ from tutorial and remedial models of instruction?See file name “SIM Overview” and “Miller Ch. 4 Selecting Instructional Models “ I highlight that by yellow color.6. Describe three critical teaching behaviors embedded in learning strategy manuals and discuss how each improves your teaching.See file name “SIM Overview” ” I highlight that by yellow color.I like to focus on these three: pretest , model and generalization.Here you will answer these questions by using the file I upload for you. I wrote under each question where you will get the answer. Please fell free to contact me if misunderstand. You will answer that as a one paragraph for each question .PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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