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(Get Answer) – KINESIOLOGY: RESISTANCE PREGNANCY PROGRAM PLEASE USE THESE ARTICLES:1. Resistance Training During Pregnancy.Brown, Lee E. Ed D, CSCS, *D, FACSMStrength & Conditioning Journal: April 2002 – Volume 24 – Issue 2 – ppg 532. Experiences of exercise during pregnancy among women who perform regular resistance training: a qualitative study.By:Petrov Fieril K1, Fagevik Olsén M2, Glantz A3, Larsson M4.3. Resistance Training During Pregnancy.Pujol, Thomas J. EdD, CSCS; Barnes, Jeremy T. PhD, CSCS; Elder, Craig L. PhD, CSCS; LaFontaine, Tom PhD, ACSM RCEP, CSCS, NSCA-CPTStrength & Conditioning Journal: April 2007*****Compare and contrast the results of the studies, to determine which methods led to which results, and which methods would be best to use to train YOUR participants. This should lead to the rationale for your prescription / methods.•Do not cite literature reviews, cite only original studies.•Do not write multiple pages on one article; condense your description that particular article into a paragraph or 2.•No quotations, put things into your own words, and interpret the findings. I want you to understand what you are writing and derive meaning from it.•One way to relate studies is by their theoretical framework, methods, and / or findings and then report which were successful and which were not. This will help you justify why you chose the methods for your exercise prescription / program.•If you need to, read a few literature reviews (from the journals) to get an idea of how you might want to structure your own literature review

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