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(Get Answer) – Issuing prescriptions

(Get Answer) – Issuing prescriptions Issuing prescriptions• What training is required in order to issue prescriptions?• How does a Pharmacist know that the person calling in the prescription is qualified? Does the Doctor’s nurse ever call in the prescription or refill? How does a Pharmacist verify the validity of a call?• Are there classes of meds that require a paper script? For example, narcotics? Are there meds that are non-refillable without a whole new script?• Identify major legal and ethical issues that Pharmacists struggle with in their practice.• What does a Pharmacist do if he believes that the prescribed med is not appropriate for the patients’ condition or is contraindicated due to the patient’s condition? What if the prescribed med conflicts with another med that the patient is taking?• Does a Pharmacist “suggesting” an over the counter medication create any ethical issues?• How does a Pharmacist handle “emergencies”?ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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