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(Get Answer) – Human development and leadership

(Get Answer) – Human development and leadership Human development and leadershipPaper instructions:ADM 630 Methods of Research Major Research ProjectMaster Research Project 1 (MRP1) InstructionsProblem Statement – In this step, you need to identify a research problem for your project/paper. The problem statement is the result of your reading and reflection, personally and professionally. The research project you plan to complete for the course should focus on a research problem that is applicable to you in your workplace. Your topic/ problem statement must be practically significant, researchable, and appropriate for this course.DescriptionThe structure of your Problem Statement must be in accordance with the following provided outline.IntroductionI. Introduction (include your name, workplace, research interestII. Context of the problem (the need for the study, justify why you chose it) III. Research question/purpose of the studyIV. SummaryV. References – cite references used in statement (APA style)How to submitSave your work as a Microsoft Word document (.doc) and upload it in the appropriate location in Canvas. Name your file in the following manner: LastName_AssignmentName (ex. Doe_MRP1).CriteriaThe problem statement should …..? Outline and extended description listed above is adequately addressed? Establish the importance and context of the problem.? Establish the scope of the study.? Describe a researchable project.? Identify the variables and how they will be measured.? Identify one specific research question supporting the problem.? Propose a hypothesis for the research question? Be structured in accordance with the provided outline.? Clear flow of thought through entire section? No grammatical errors? APA Style was applied? Contain 300 – 500 words, Times New Roman 12 point font, double spacedORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!! 

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