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(Get Answer) – Hr case study | Human Resource Management homework help

(Get Answer) – Hr case study | Human Resource Management homework help CASE STUDYInstructions: This assignment requires that you demonstrate a sound understanding of the concepts and principles included in this class. Read the case presented below and complete the assignment presented at the end. Proofread your work before submitting. You can submit multiple times. I will grade your last submission considering the quality and sufficiency of answers given, your demonstration of understanding of the concepts included, and the extent to which you satisfy the questions asked. MOTORS AND MORE INC.You are hired as the HR director for the fictitious Motors and More, Inc. This business-to- business sales company manufactures small motors and accessories for industrial and home products. The industry is highly competitive and the company follows a prospector strategy.A prospector strategy takes advantage of new markets and products. Organizational emphasis is on growth, innovation, and new product development. A prospector wants to be first to the market. To respond to competitive and rapidly changing markets, prospectors have flexible, flat, and decentralized organizational structures.Motors and More is headquartered in a small southern town of 28,000 people, with a low unemployment rate of 3.1%. This means that demand for workers exceeds labor supply. There is a technical school and a community college within 50 miles of Motors and More. Motors and More’s president is a former military and is highly patriotic. He is committed to staying in the community. Recently, other local companies have experienced labor organizing activities.Motors and More employs 116 people. Until you were hired, there was no HR department. Recently, the organization’s employee turnover rate has been higher than normal. The marketing and sales department continues to sell products to an expanding market. Because of this increased product demand, output must be increased by 96 percent.In Motors and More, 88% of the employees are Caucasian. Except for one female supervisor in the customer service department, the president and all other managers are Caucasian men. Promotions have been based on seniority. Local labor market is approximately 48% minority, with a growing Hispanic and Kurdish population not fully accepted into the community.All the employees in manufacturing (including quality control), customer service and operations (responsible for shipping and receiving; distribution of raw materials, components parts and finished goods inventory; and maintenance and cleaning) have at least a high school degree or GED. The organization provides some skills training courses. Please refer to the organizational chart in Figure 1 for more details.Last updated: July 26, 2019 Page 1 of 2MGT 3302Case studyFigure 1. Motors and more organization chart.ASSIGNMENTDescribe a typical HR department, not one for Motors and More. Include:A chart for the HR department, with each position properly labeled (job title).For each position, show:Objective.Expected outcomes.Activities to perform to produce the expected outcomes.Competencies necessary to perform the activities.Given the size of Motors and More, indicate:Which positions identified in your typical HR department (#1 above) should becombined or eliminated to reduce the number of HR employees.Create a new chart, specific for the HR department of Motors and More.Identify and label each position in Motors and More’s HR Department chart.For each position, show:i. Objective.ii. Expected outcomes.iii. Activities to perform to produce the expected outcomes. iv. Competencies necessary to perform the activities.Discuss the differences in the organizational charts you showed in numbers 1 and 2 above.

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