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(Get Answer) – Hip Hop Wars

(Get Answer) – Hip Hop Wars Name:Course:Lecturer:Date:Hip Hop WarsAssumptions that hip-hop is beginning to die is perceived to be wrong because its existence reigns upon many young people. Professor Tricia Rose has elaborated that all the perceptions that the people relate about hip-hop are wrong due to the take that both the fans and the detractors have irrational and dishonest ideas about hip-hop. This has been related to the content and the conduct of the musicians. In her view, she takes on hip-hop as an elegant, challenging, analytical, and determined and burnish with an honorable resentment unprejudiced by feeling of affection. In many instances, her ideas are correct due to the courage and the determination of the black people to pass message of hope to the black people. The hip-hop wars arise where many people relate hip-hop with the ugly incidences such as violence and sexuality and other social evils. It is also believed that many of the American radio stations are killing the hip-hop genre by concentration on playing other kind of music such as RnB and love songs hence ignoring the hip-hop songs. This has brought much of the controversy in the medial for not promoting the hip-hop songs thus resulting to the hip-hop wars. With reference to the book of Rose, hip-hop has been regarded as the growing genre of music in the continent due to its ability to pass message through the clarity of language used. In other words, with much comparison of Hip-hop with other types of singing, we realize that hip hop is a more of talking than singing. Thus, this gives the audience the ability to pass the message in a more clear way that addresses the issues of life directly. Much of the emphasis have been based on the fact that hip-hop traces its origin from the black people. These songs have been used for encouraging and giving hope to the black people due to many challenged they faced during the slavery period. Therefore, these songs have great impact on the listeners for they helps in the development of morale and the idea of positive living among the black people. The oppression they faced due to the racism era led to the growth of stigma among many black people and hence to counter balance this, they came up with hip-hop. It was like a defense mechanism that was employed by the Africans in order to express their freedom and the desire to be treated equally like the other human beings. These songs have been awarded for their ability to facilitate cohesion and unity among the blacks and the whites thus enhancing unity in the continent. The uncivilized and the cultural nature that has been associated with the hip-hop is an example of the racism that the African people have faced. Hence, they chose to continue with this genre of music because they are proud of their culture. Therefore, hip-hop genre has given the sense of belonging in African culture and race. Irrespective of the critics that the hip-hop has faced, it still stands on the lead due to the influential topics that it touches in life. It has been passed from generation to generation due to the uniqueness and the roles that it plays in the society. Hip-hop has grown significantly due to the perception that has been established for it is used as a source of encouragement among the Africans who have undergone the racism era and other forms of oppressions. Therefore, “hip hop has greatly contributed to the international cohesion due to its ability to touch on the sensitive issues in the society” (Rose 46). This has been related to the elegant, challenging, analytical, and determined and burnish with an honorable resentment unprejudiced by feeling of affection. Hence, Rose idea about hip-hop is correct due to the ability of the music to be clear in terms of t message distribution. References Rose, Tricia. The Hip Hop Wars: What We Talk About When We Talk About Hip Hop-and Why It Matters. New York: BasicCivitas, 2008. Print.

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