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(Get Answer) – Health discussion | Biology homework help

(Get Answer) – Health discussion | Biology homework helpDirections:  Use the investigative skills that you developed using Ruggerio to find current examples of THREE of the Ruggerio types of manipulation in the popular press.  Use the graphic from All Generalizations are False to help you navigate the errors. Use it for Analysis of your source for reliability and political bent.http://www.allgeneralizationsarefalse.com/You may use online sources, newspapers, or magazines for your sources. Your source selections MUST be listed on the All Generalizations are False grid.Provide your rationale as to why you chose each example (why you think it fits the Ruggerio category) and provide a link for your sources. LABEL YOUR SOURCE WITH THE guidelines on the All Generalizations are False site.Your choices need not be health care related. We will not be using our standard APA format this week. NO REFERENCE LIST IS REQUIRED.Instead, cut and paste the grid from below, and fill in three sections, working offline. Then paste back into Discussion Boards. Sentence fragments are allowed in the grid. (For readability, please remove the segments you do not use.)Include an actual headline or article fragment, and a link to where it is found.  You may use political headlines—they are the easiest ones in which to find bias! I suggest you try to find some sources you read, that may even reflect your own bias so you can explore how you may be influenced.We will not use our usual rubric for this forum. Instead you will be graded by how completely you provide the information.NO response posts required this week. BUT, take time to look at the posts of your classmates to get a wider look how bias creeps into the media.PICK JUST THREE of the boxes to fill in.Here is an example of using the grid:1. Biased HeadlineExample (include link):In Lieu Of Flowers, Republicans Could Honor Justice Scalia By Replacing Himhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/republicans-could-honor-justice-scalia-by-replacing-him_us_56c7bb13e4b041136f171dcdRationale (using Ruggerio):: Bias is shown by belittling other side of issue. Uses flippant language and sarcasm for humor. Is editorial in tone, not unbiased news. I chose this example as one that shows how political issues bring one sided analysis in the news.Source analysis: Huffington Post is on the grid at Hyper-Partisan Left, partially straddling the Skews Left line. It is straddling the Facts line of Analysis and Opinion; Fair Persuasion. It straddles the Yellow and Orange boxes of Fair interpretations of the news and Extreme/Unfair interpretations of the news.CUT AND PASTE GRID BELOW, choosing three sections to fill out 1. Biased HeadlineExample (include link):Rationale (using Ruggerio):Source analysis: 2. Biased “Lead”Example (include link):Rationale (using Ruggerio):Source analysis:3. Biased Reporting of PollsExample (include link):Rationale (using Ruggerio):Source analysis:4. Biased Handling of QuotationsExample (include link):Rationale (using Ruggerio):Source analysis:5. Dishonest Appeal to EmotionExample (include link):Rationale (using Ruggerio):Source analysis:6. Stacking the DeckExample (include link):Rationale (using Ruggerio):Source analysis:7. Suppressing DissentExample (include link):Rationale (using Ruggerio):Source analysis:8. RepetitionExample (include link):Rationale (using Ruggerio):Source analysis:

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