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(Get Answer) – Hard Determinism

(Get Answer) – Hard Determinism These are the permitted sources of writing the paper. These are for the writer to get a better understanding of the topic and the concepts needed for this objection paper(Important parts are marked in the pdf files for a more effective grasp of the core arguments). The official prompt/instruction and my structure plan provided of this paper is already attached in the webpage of my order on TogoWriters.com . Please follow the instructions and OUTSIDE SOURCES ARE NOT ALLOWED.I provided the possible materials that might be used in the instruction and the parts that I’m unsure of are: the 3rd part of the 5-part-argument, the objection to the Hard Determinism standing and how to defend my standing. Please solve these and put together a high-quality essay.Please keep the writing style simple, concise but still powerful to match my Freshmen-level of Philosophy-studying and my identity as an international student but still could meet the professor’s standards and get a good grade in this final paper.There will be an another email later tonight with another short excerpt (not necessarily needed but just in case) and a review notes by the professor of my last paper to inform you the preferred style of writing and the features that the professor are looking for on the paper. But I think you already have enough materials to work with if you want to start now.

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