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(Get Answer) – Grad school/higher education personal statement

(Get Answer) – Grad school/higher education personal statement Statement of purpose, addressing: •What factors in your personal and professional history have influenced you in the past and now lead you to seek admission to this program at Bridgewater State? (I have attached another Personal statement that explains my influence on getting a Masters in Higher Education) ″During the course of my college career, I obtained more than four years of highly transferrable experience. At Bridgewater State University, I was the programming chairperson for Project Building Empathy and Awareness Around Rape (BEAR), and my roles included providing assistance to victims of sexual assault and harassment; informing students about the intricacies of Title IX, as well as other valuable resources such as campus police, and the institution’s health and wellness center. This role allowed me to plan and implement campus events that met student needs while propelling our community to achieve a safe and inclusive living environment. I was also a Student Ambassador for Career Services Office at Bridgewater State University. In that role, I developed a collaborative relationship with fellow students and staff members by embracing change and utilizing new skills and challenging tasks. Now, as a college graduate with high energy, strong customer service, and effective communication skills, I have been serving Americorps which has provided me the opportunity to maintain an environment that is welcoming to persons of all backgrounds, nationalities, and roles.I am confident that I would be an admirable, successful, and engaged professional. I was also thrilled to see that Bridgewater State prides itself on its, inclusiveness, and desire to improve the student life experience. The fact that Bridgewater State places such high value on serving it is a diverse population, as seen in your institution’s Mission statement, resonates with my character as a professional, and is something I value personally″ •What are your long-term professional goals, and how will this program help you meet them? ( My long-term professional goal is to become the Dean of Students or Dean of Program. I′m applying to Bridgewater State.) •Identify one important issue within the field of higher education or student affairs and explain why this issue is important. ( me being a disabled individual, I sometimes see how a college claims to be accessible but how it is to the ones that have to use it. In my attachments you′ll see what I mean.) •Is there any other information that you think would help the admissions committee to evaluate your application? (Optional) ○One of my personal achievements is when I Emailed my University President and told him about a building that wasn’t “handicapped accessible”. I explained to him that using this wheelchair left isn’t as accessible as it looks. He contacted me with Vice President Division for Operations, where she told me that “Although I know all applicable codes have been met by the installation, after running through the operation and riding the lift today, all of your points are well-founded” and that “the architects are coming up with every possible solution and we are slowly work on the” If you can combine what I have previously written and add what I wrote at the top I will be Pleased.   

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