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(Get Answer) – Go16_pp_ch02_grader_2f_as – event planners 1.0

(Get Answer) – Go16_pp_ch02_grader_2f_as – event planners 1.0  GO16_PP_CH02_GRADER_2F_AS – Event Planners 1.0  Project Description:In the following project, you will format a presentation describing job skills and certifications that relate to professional event planners.     Start   PowerPoint. Download and open the file named pp_ch02_grader_2f_as.pptx. On Slide 1, select the title. Display the WordArt gallery and apply   the WordArt style Fill – White, Text 1, Outline – Background 1, Hard Shadow –   Background 1. Change the Text Outline color to Gold, Accent 1, Darker 50%. On Slide 2, in the content placeholder, insert a List type SmartArt   graphic—Vertical Bracket List. Type Private   Events in the top left text placeholder,   and then type Family   Celebrations in the bullet point to the right of Private Events. Type Commercial Events in the lower left text placeholder, and then type Corporate Sponsored in the rectangle to the right of Commercial   Events. Click the Commercial Events   placeholder, and then add a shape after the placeholder. In the new   placeholder, type Training and then add a bullet. Type Conferences   and Workshops. Change the SmartArt color to   Colored Outline – Accent 1, and then apply the 3-D Inset style. Select the three bracket shapes,   and then change the shapes to the Right Arrow shape. On the Format tab, in   the Shapes group, click the Smaller button two times to decrease the size of   the arrows.  On Slide 4, convert the bulleted   list to a SmartArt graphic by applying the Vertical Box List graphic. Change the SmartArt color to   Colored Outline – Accent 1, and then apply the Polished 3-D style. On Slide 5, insert a WordArt   using the Fill – White, Text 1, Shadow style. Replace the WordArt text with For   Additional Information   and change the Font Size to 32. Hold down SHIFT and then drag the WordArt   down so that the top edge of the placeholder surrounding the WordArt is   positioned at 0 on the vertical ruler. Apply the Peel Off transition to   all the slides.  Insert a Header & Footer on   the Notes and Handouts. Include the Date and time updated automatically, the   Page number, a Footer with the text HR Presentation and then apply to all the   slides. View the slide show from the   beginning. Save and close the document. Exit PowerPoint. Submit the file as   directed.

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