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(Get Answer) – Gerontologists Gerontologists1. Gerontologists have noted that a society experiences a demographic process called “population aging” when an increase in the proportion of the old and a decrease in the relative proportion of the young. Nearly all of the world’s nations are experiencing this phenomena but it is particularly prevalent in the industrialized countries of Western Europe, North America and Japan. Inevitably, with such changes come fears about population aging — fears about rising costs of healthcare, lower worker productivity as the workforce is reduced by retiring employees, and the resulting slower economic growth.With such fears comes increased occurrences of ageism and adultism. For this discussion, please complete the assigned readings and answer the following question:• How do you see ageism and adultism intersecting with other forms of oppression (e.g., ableism, racism, sexism, classism)?And as in previous conference discussions, be sure to provide one reference to support your answer and make sure to cite it properly in your posting and not just at the end of your entry.2. ur life experiences — if they are not already part of our lives. This week’s assignment is designed to help all of us explore how people are living with disabilities and what local organizations are doing to help them gain and keep their equal rights. Here are the steps you need to take:• Review the two attached documents posted below in this conference — one is Communication Guidelines and the other is ADL List of Disability-Related Organizations.• Choose one of the organizations on the ADL list — or another Web site dedicated to a particular disability of interest to you — and visit their Web site in order to provide your answer to the following two items:a. Name one issue that currently challenges people living with disabilities and one thing that is being done to address it.b. What can each one of us do to help address the issues for people living with disability — or at least one of them! ?• Present your answers — identifying the URL you chose and why you chose itTO ORDER FOR THIS QUESTION OR A SIMILAR ONE, CLICK THE ORDER NOW BUTTON AND ON THE ORDER FORM, FILL ALL THE REQUIRED DETAILS THEN TRACE THE DISCOUNT CODE,TYPE IT ON THE DISCOUNT BOX AND CLICK ON ‘USE CODE’ TO EFFECT YOUR DISCOUNT. THANK YOU

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