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(Get Answer) – English 1301 course reflection | English homework help

(Get Answer) – English 1301 course reflection | English homework help  Course ReflectionNow that you have completed the course, take a moment to reflect on your experiences.  Share some of your specific thoughts, observations, and experiences as a writer and student in this course. Avoid sweeping generalizations and discuss specific details that capture the high and lows, insights and challenges provided by this course. What choices did you make throughout the semester that helped or hindered your progress?  What lessons or assignments do you think were most helpful? What ideas do you have for making the course better in the future? This is a timed writing assignment. Once you start the assignment, you will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete it, so be sure you are ready to write when you start the assignment. Once the time runs out, the essay will submit automatically. 

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