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(Get Answer) – Don’t leave your hand in the cookie jar

(Get Answer) – Don’t leave your hand in the cookie jar  Read the following case:McDonald, R. (2011, December). Don’t leave your hand in the cookie jar. IMA Educational Case Journal, 4(4), ART. 2.Case Requirements:Prepare a paper (memo) that addresses the following questions:How can John use the IMA Standards of Ethical Professional Practice to evaluate his own ethical behavior? BeWhat steps could John take to resolve the ethical dilemma he faces? BeConcerning the three accounting adjustments, whose arguments are more persuasive, Karl’s or John’s? Again, beCalculate the difference between Karl’s and John’s recommended adjustments for bad debt, product returns, and warranties. Do you consider each individual difference material? Is the combination of the three amounts material?Assignment Paper Requirements:Write a paper (memo) of a minimum of six double-spaced pages, not counting the title and reference pages (which you must include).Copy and paste each one of the questions into your paper in bold type to ensure you have answered each of the assignmentUse terms, evidence, and concepts from class readings, including professional business language.Cite at least three credible, academic, or professional sources for this assignment. The TAMUCT Library is a great place to find resources, as well as the FASBFormat your paper according to APA 

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