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(Get Answer) – Discussion board speech communications | Telecommunications Engineering homework help

(Get Answer) – Discussion board speech communications | Telecommunications Engineering homework help 1. In each of our Songs of the Week section, there are “Reflection Questions”. Pick one of these songs of the week and respond to the questions with your opinion(s). Give a minimum of 3 sentences in your response. Pick oneReflection Question 1: What examples of verbal abuse are presented? Do you think adults and children are equally affected by verbal abuse?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeBv9r92VQ0&t=3sReflection Question 2:  In this very interesting song, the writer knows his poor communication skills have messed up the relationship. Just as we think the song is ending, Mayer adds a surprise 3rd verse: “And another thing . . . . ” Could his insistence to keep speaking be part of his poor communication style? Why hasn’t he learned from his mistakes? Has anyone you know said something that changed your impression of them? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuBPy15UXBA&t=2sUse attached document Getting Competent for #22.In the Friends video clip, Joey is trying hard to impress the adoption board with his letter and word choice, but he fails. According to the suggestions listed in the textbook in Chapter 3.3 section entitled  “Getting Competent- Using Words Well” there are many helpful things we can do to positively engage the attention of an audience. Which ones would you suggest to Joey in this situation? Where did he go wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1tOqZUNebs&t=3s    3. List 3 words that have become popular in the last 5-7 years. Next, list 3 old words that are no longer commonly used: EX: “hard pass”  “cancel culture” (new)                 EX: “groovy” “farewell” (old)4. Miscommunication can develop in our society when there are different interpretations of common words or phrases used in our language. On your post give your personal interpretation of the following phrases, then check to see if they matched your peers’: “Tomorrow is going to be a cold day.” (In degrees, what temperature is cold to you? Be specific.)“Samantha makes a good salary”. (How much $$$ does that phrase mean to you? Be specific.)“I’ll be there in a little while.” (How many minutes or hours from now would you expect to see them?) 5. This week we learned grammar is a necessity to understanding verbal language- especially written communication.  Find, then copy and paste two different memes: One that has to do with grammar issues.One that has to do with word choice or word choice problems. 

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