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(Get Answer) – Cyber security management and policy

(Get Answer) – Cyber security management and policy This is a cyber security management and policy assignment. It has three submissions/ three deliverables. There are 14 steps listed but you are required to work on 3 steps; step 7, step 11 and step 14.The three separate submissions include a spreadsheet (step 7), 3 page (step 11) and 16-18 ppt slides (step 14).I have attached one of the papers I submitted for the previous project. The file is named “previous project” . I had chosen the company Anthem throughout the project, so this work should be a little tailored to the companyThe last step 14, is a power point which should have detailed speaker notes to accompany each slideRead the 14 steps file instructions clearly if you have any clarifications or questions feel free to reach out

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