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(Get Answer) – Caste study u.s. bank of washington

(Get Answer) – Caste study u.s. bank of washingtonCaste Study U.S. Bank of washingtonRead the following Harvard Business School case study:Mason, S. P., & Lawrence, E. R. (1991, December 13; revised November 22, 1993).U.S. Bank of Washington.Prepare a financial ratio analysis.Review the case study then address the following issues and questions. Spreadsheet tables can be pasted into a Microsoft Word document to highlight and summarize the main issues, but you should also include text discussion within your document that expands on the summary tables you present.Case study analysis questions:    Use the balance sheet and income statement representations within the help spreadsheet as a guide to discussing how a commercial bank such as U.S. Bancorp operates with asset choices and liability funding to generate net income. Use U.S. Bancorp and industry information presented in the case, where useful, to enhance your discussion.    Describe the strategy of U.S. Bank and explain how lending to Redhook would fit or not fit this strategy. Use the loan portfolio composition presented within the Excel help file to guide some of the discussion. Include other information from the case as needed to support your discussion.    What is Redhook’s strategy and how has it been performing? Complete and apply the table of historical financial ratios presented in the help file to support your discussion. Use other information contained in the case, as needed.    How attractive are Redhook’s expansion plans and financial forecasts? Explain your position. Use the table of proforma financial ratios presented in the help file to support your discussion. Use other information contained in the case as useful.    Would you approve the loan to Redhook? Use the decision matrix within the help spreadsheet as a guide to formulate and present your recommendation. Think of the various issues that should contribute to the analysis (i.e., the financial historical ratios of Redhook) and add rows to the matrix as needed.Format:Present your case study analysis in Microsoft Word document format and the financial analysis in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format.All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources. Chapter Contents Page No.One Introduction 3 to 71.1 Case Overview 31.2 Background of U.S. Bancorp 4 to 51.3 Background of U.S. Bank of Washington 51.4 Background of Redhook Ale Brewery 5 to 7Two Analysis of the Economy and Industry 8 to 102.1 Economy Analysis 82.2 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis- U.S. Bancorp 8 to 92.3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis- Redhook Ale Brewery 9 to 10Three Analysis of the Company 11 to 223.1 SWOT Analysis- U.S. Bancorp 11 to 133.2 SWOT Analysis- Redhook Ale Brewery 133.3 Loan Portfolio Composition- U.S. Bank of Washington 14 to 173.4 Ratio& Risk Analysis- Redhook Ale Brewery 17 to 22Four Problem Identification 23 to 244.1 Background of the Problem 234.2 Problem Statement 24Five Alternatives Identification 255.1 Alternative Courses of Action 25Six Evaluation of Redhook Ale Brewery 26 to 286.1 Assumptions 26 to 276.2 Evaluation of Redhook Ale Brewery 27 to 28Seven Recommendation & Justifications 29 to 30Appendices  

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