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(Get Answer) – Barbara Aschers’ “The Bag Lady”

(Get Answer) – Barbara Aschers’ “The Bag Lady” Barbara Aschers’ “The Bag Lady”TASK: in a minimum 4 page, times new roman, double spaced essay, use information from your annotation of the essay “The Bag Lady” to develop a thesis statement where you explore the author’s underlying intentions and purpose in writing “The Bag Lady” and what are the supporting details contribute to her main idea. Make sure you are examining how vocabulary is used to clarify meaning, the strategies and methods used by the author to develop the main purpose to make meaning clear and vivid, and critically analyzing why the author chose to write this essay.” DIRECTIONS: “In effect, this assignment requires you to chose and construct your own essay and analysis within the constraints described. First, read and annotate the “bag Lady” essay and then sketch out your own interpretation of the meaning of the essay. Then zoom in on the details that best support your interpretation of Ascher’s essay. Use many supporting examples from the essay.Below is a link to Ascher’s essay: http://www.nytimes.com/1983/02/17/garden/hers.htmORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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