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(Get Answer) – Almonds AlmondsIntroductionAlmonds are the largest horticultural export crop of Australia and are grown primarily along the river Murray.The problem to be investigated is to recommend economic methods for the storage of bulk almonds prior to processing. At this stage the almonds are inside their shells and hulls. The size of the 2013 crop was 80,000 tonne of almond kernel which would require storage for 240,000 tonne of whole almond fruit.The current method of storage is covering large stockpiles with plastic tarpaulins of 200 m length and 12m width.Whilst the plastic keeps off the rain, the almonds sweat under the plastic due to condensation and the plastic and this results in mould growth on the almonds which can make then unfit for sale. ( there is a problem with this method which is sweating during the day and condensation at night under the plastic that leads to mould growth on the almonds and this results in making them )The project will investigate economic methods for keeping the almonds dry during rain events and allow the stored fruit to expel moisture. The project will look at methods of different covering materials such as those that let moisture out (breathable fabrics)Your task is :To find supplier and price for enough breathable material in Adelaide ( Australia ) to cover a bunker 200m long x 6 m wide x 3 m high in triangular profilePLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT ?

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