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Explore and reflect on self- development as a leader tobuild self-awareness

a) Explore and reflect on self- development as a leader tobuild self-awarenessb) Through critical reflection on key leadership theoriesdevelop a personal leadership development strategy.c) Analyse and develop the capacity to influence,motivate and inspire others in your workplace and/orcommunity organisations.Your Task:Your task in Assessment 1 Part B is to reflect on you own leadership journey up until now,your current role or position, how you influence others, how you lead, contribute to or reactto organisational and cultural changes and your current level of self-awareness and selfconfidenceto lead others in your organisation and/or community.Assessment 2, which is due at the end of WEEK 11, builds on the first and asks you toprepare a plan for the next stage of your leadership journey. The assessments areintegrated pieces of work and you should bear in mind the final part as you work on thispart. All assessments need to be strongly based on the established theories and models ofleadership to help you interpret and explain your leadership challenges.Working with Your Partner [this is 20% (Criterion 2) of your overall assessment]:You need to be proactive to connect with other students in your on-line/ face-tofaceclass, once you post your personal introduction on the “Welcome andIntroductions” Discussion Forum. On-line students can select a partner from classmates who have posted introductions, or choose a trusted colleague from yourwork, student or personal networks. On-line students need to take responsibility forselecting and interacting with a partner. Face-to-face students will be guided byyour facilitator, taking into account diversity of backgrounds to enrich your learningexperience. More detailed guidelines for working with your partner are provided atthe end of this section.• Key points from the feedback you receive from your partner and others,combined with your reflection and interpretation of this feedback in the contextof your leadership journey, needs to be included in your report.• You may wish to also include key points of the feedback that you gave yourpartner and reflect on it. Feedback often says as much about the person whogives as the person who receives it.• The feedback summaries/ transcripts can be included as appendices, where theywill not be included in the word count.

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