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Discuss USAF Healthcare Recruiting (editing 25 pages + 10 pages from scratch).I will like for you to make all necessary corrections and revisions needed to complete this thesis.

I would like for you to add in additional 10 pages to my thesis. The first submitted version is called a “draft” because it is subject to revision in response to comments by the professor. However, every aspect should be as clean and as final, as you can get it and should contain those aspects listed in Appendices 4 – 11 of the Capstone Manual as well as the IRB letter if applicable. It should contain no grammatical errors. When the professor’s comments are made available, the paper is revised and resubmitted as the final research paper.————————–Send me a separate page requesting IRB approval for research.http://www.apus.edu/academic-community/research/institutional-review-board/research-guidelines

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