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Discuss the rise of monotheism in early civilizations.

You will choose one of these questions to answer out of the readings. Be sure to use detail in your answers and to do more than simply copy the information from the book. Answer critically and include citations for all paraphrased and directly quoted information from your sources. You will respond to three other student postings by Sunday. 1) How did early civilizations use their geographical location and the climate of the areas they settled in to shape their political, religious, and social systems? What does this tell us about these societies? 2) Discuss the rise of monotheism in early civilizations. How did this different type of religion change the societies in which these people interacted with? How did this change in belief influence the development of these civilizations? Why do you think that monotheism created tensions in some societies but not others? 3) How was Aryan social structure defined by religious belief? Why did the Aryans have such rigid controls over their population? Why do you think they tied religion and social stratification together in this way? 4) Compare the different types of religion that emerged in India from the original Brahmanism. How did these new paths influence Indian society? Why do you think there were so many new philosophies to emerge in India during 5) How did Confucianism integrate itself into Chinese society? In what ways did it come into conflict with the leadership? How did it influence other philosophies that developed in this period? Why do you think Confucianism became the dominant influence on Chinese society over these other philosophies?

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