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Critically analyze and examine the structure of the American Red Cross and of the human resources department. Is it positioned to be a strategic partner? Describe the structure and comment on what you believe are its challenges and strengths.

PowerPoint from Management Analysis Paper. Include 12-14 slides [consisting of a Title slide (Title, Your Name, and Course), an Overview slide (list the items that you will cover), an Introduction slide, 8-10 Content slides, and a Conclusion slide]. Content slides should identify key points with a bullet list not paragraphs. Include a PPT background. The use of paragraphs on the slide as opposed to a bullet list will garner the lowest score. The presentation should be arranged in a clear and logical manner, display a balance of the content and visual images, and follow APA guidelines.Additional PowerPoint Specifications • Font Type – Arial • Font Size – Keep consistent in size and color throughout the presentation • Slide Headings – 28pts | Subheading – 24pts | Content 20-22pts • Visual – Include a visual clip art on the content slides with bullet list.Also needs a reference slide, and Saint Leo Core Values. What should be in the powerpoint is below! please read and make sure this slide is done correctly. Only 12-14 slides!

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