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Compare this conceptualization of globalization with other definitions.

Part B. Short Answer Questions (each question is worth 10 points; the word count for each question should be about 200-250).1. Ritzer and Dean provide a definition of globalization using the metaphor of liquidity and flows. Compare this conceptualization of globalization with other definitions. In your opinion, how best can we conceptualize globalization?2. There are various explanations of the origins of and explanations for globalization, which we discussed in class and were explained in the textbook. List two of these and provide a short description of each.3. What do you see as some of the challenges to the state in an age of globalization? Also, what would you say is the role of the state in the face of these challenges?4. There exists a strong argument that because of our complex and integrated world there is the need for some level of economic and political global (or regional) governance. How do you see such systems or institutions as, for example, Bretton Woods, the G20, the EU, and the UN, etc. playing a role in global governance?5. The global economy, including global trade and finance, is highly complex and multifaceted. Comment on one of the following as it pertains to our general discussion of globalization and world politics in this course: (1) trade surpluses and deficits (2) global value chains (3) commodities (4) financial globalization (5) consumption (6) protectionism.6. Emerging markets in general and China specifically are seen by many as the most important players in the future world economy. Consider China and the argument that its economic model offers more for developing countries. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.7. Consider the role of global civil society and alter/anti-globalization movements. How do such movements impact globalization and world politics?

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