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Compare and contrast different approaches to system analysis and design,such as object oriented, agile, and service oriented techniques.

Students should be able to demonstrate their achievements in the following unitlearning outcomes:c. Compare and contrast different approaches to system analysis and design,such as object oriented, agile, and service oriented techniques.d. Produce, adopt and implement system test plans.e. Analyse and model the Cloud Infrastructure (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS).f. Design and deploy functional solutions, such as initiating, analysing, andimplementing system plans.g. Investigate, and analyse system processes, procedures and work practicesAssignment DescriptionScanPatient Information System – Case StudySMS is an imaging organization providing different modality services. SMS has now extendedtheir business and owns branches across different suburbs of NSW. They wanted to upgradeto a new patient information management system which is more effective and efficient thanthe current system which satisfies their basic requirements of the business functions. SMSwants the system to provide a broader scope and efficiency from which the patients, scanningtechnicians and radiologist doctors will be benefited. The organization wants the system tocorrelate the following business process:? Patient registration? Performing scanning based on the modality requested by the patients? Report dictation by the radiologist? Report typing by medical transcriptionistYou have been hired by SMS. You have been assigned to work on the Information Systemproject to propose an up-to-date automated system that can handle all their businessfunctions and processes.After spending considerable time talking with all the stakeholders for gathering the userrequirements of the system, you are ready to give a start to the development of the system.You have agreed with the owners that the new patient information system should be able todo at least the following functions:? Register a new patient (Front Desk)? Place an appointment (Front Desk operation)? Update patient information (Front Desk)? Perform the scan based on the booking done by the patient for an appropriatemodality (example: x-ray, ultrasound, CT etc.,) (Technician)? Delete patient information (Front Desk and Technician)? View patient information (Front Desk, Technician)? Generate scan reports for the patient (Radiologist)The owners would like their proposed information system to start with core functions withinitial minimum cost to save money and be able to upgrade with minimum disruption whenneeded with continuous support and maintenance.Submit the final report about your recommendation regarding the proposed system.Your final report is expected to at least include the following:? Title page? Table of Contents? Introduction? Background information on the current manual system

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