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Write a 1-page, single-space, 10-point font case analysis on the Amazon.com case making sure to address the following questions: What is Amazon.com’s business strategy? What is Amazon.com’s organization strategy? What is Amazon.com’s information systems (IS) strategy? Were the three strategies aligned? If so, provide specific examples for such alignment. If not, explain why not. Trace the evolution of the Amazon.com business model from the company’s launch in 1995 to 2016. How was Amazon.com able to avoid declaring bankruptcy during the dot-com collapse in 2000? Provide specific examples of IS assets and IS capabilities Amazon.com used in order to stand out from its competitors. Explain Amazon.com’s offerings in the hardware and software services areas. Provide a summary of key statistics provided in Exhibits 1 through 7.NOTE: Any additional reference must have an in-text citation as well as be presented in a reference section at the end of the case analysis. There reference section is not included in the 1-page page limit. You must use the APA format for in-text citations and for items listed in the reference section.

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